1. Parents at beginner lessons:

    For young and beginning students (ages 4 through about age 10), a parent must attend the lessons. Parental involvement is essential as the parent is the home teacher. I will provide a lesson guide so you can take notes to assist with your child’s home practice.

  2. Group lessons (beginners)

    Participation in all group lessons is required.  Group lessons are a vital part of Suzuki education and are key to both continued progress, performance skills, and motivation. The positive peer support is invaluable and makes learning the violin a social experience. Parents, please attend with your students.

  3. Masterclasses (intermediate and advanced)

    Participation in monthly masterclass is required. Masterclass is an opportunity for older students to prepare and perform their repertoire, and receive feedback from teacher and other students. The positive peer support is invaluable and much is learned by watching and critiquing others’ performances.

  4. Daily practice and listening

    Students are expected to practice a minimum of 5 days a week. Students are also expected to listen to the Suzuki CDs every day. The student will progress much more rapidly if they listen and practice 5+ days a week.

  5. Tuition

    Trimester rates are tuition based (rather than “per lesson” based). This means that tuition stays the same each trimester, each trimester is paid for in advance, and there are no refunds for missing a lesson or class (although limited make-ups will be given).**  Tuition includes weekly private lessons, twice-monthly group lessons, and studio recitals, including venue and accompanist fees.**You WILL receive a credit applied toward tuition for the next month if I must cancel your lesson or group class due to family emergency or illness, and if we must cancel due to inclement weather.  

  6. Make-up lessons

    Twice a school-year I will offer make-up lessons for lessons missed due to your family’s illnesses, emergencies, or vacations.  Notify me in advance if you will not be coming to a certain lesson and it will be applied toward a make-up lesson. You are allowed two make-up sessions a year. Please do not come to your lesson if parent or student are ill.

  7. Payment

    Payment for the month is required no later than the 10 day of the trimester. Late payments are subject to a $10.00 late fee. Payment may be made to Amanda Tew in the form of cash or check.

  8. Lesson times

    Please arrive 5 minutes before your lesson slot to allow time for instrument setup. Lessons will not be extended if you are late.

    Note to parents at lessons: Siblings are welcome at private lessons provided they can sit quietly in the studio area and allow the parent to pay attention to the lesson. Alternatively, I will have an in-home sitter for my children during private lesson time. You may utilize my sitter for an additional 15.00/month. Please be cognizant that your attention during the lesson is needed in order for your child to make progress at home. Young crawling and walking children (around 6 months to 4 years) will not allow you to make good use of private lesson time. If children cannot yet sit quietly and you do not want to utilize my sitter, other arrangements need to be made for these siblings during the lessons. Please contact me with any questions regarding this matter specific to your situation.

    Children are welcome to watch group lessons as well.

    Suzuki felt that even private lessons could be social activities and often had other families watching lessons. Much learning takes place when observing the private lessons of other students. Siblings who are interested in studying violin are encouraged to observe both private and group classes.

  9. Materials

    Violin:  You can choose to either rent or purchase a violin. Please talk to me in regards to this decision so I can assist you in finding a violin in good condition. (You do not want to rent/purchase the cheapest violins as they are very difficult to play and will hinder progression.)

    Method book: You will also need to buy your copy of the appropriate Suzuki Violin Volume and CDs and, for older students, additional repertoire and technique books agreed upon. New music is exciting- it makes studying interesting. It is an inherent cost in studying an instrument. Plan on spending money on music and listening CDs for your child.