Violin/Viola Lessons

Amanda is an advocate of the Suzuki Method for Talent Education and she is professionally certified to teach the Suzuki method. She teaches a modified Suzuki method, with the Suzuki literature making up the core of lesson material, and additional sight reading, repertoire, etudes, and scales added depending on student’s age.

Beginning Suzuki violin lessons/parent education: When a student begins lessons, the parent attends the lessons and learns to play violin with the child. The parent can then be the home teacher during daily practice, providing the musical environment and model for the child during the week. As the student gets older, the parent ensures that correct practicing happens at home until the student can transition to effectively attending lessons and practicing on their own (around age 11 – 13).

Intermediate and advanced players: As students progress, they continue with Suzuki repertoire and also study etudes, scales, and additional repertoire to develop strong technique and facile access to the instrument. Older students also study chamber music (3 to 4 players in a group) and prepare chamber literature with other advanced students.

Group lessons and Masterclasses (monthly): Group lessons/masterclasses augment your weekly private lesson and are crucial for success. Attendance is required. The purposes are:

  • To reinforce techniques and musical ideas learned in the private lesson.
  • To practice performing and to share your progress
  • Fun! For the younger students, these provide the social motivation to stick with violin.
  • Chamber music: older students have the chance to prepare chamber music, rounding out their music talents

Recitals: Students prepare for three studio recitals in the year. Besides providing an important opportunity for the violinist to perform, recitals are a wonderful chance for students to share their music (and work!) with family and friends.

Sight reading and orchestra prep: Sight reading is taught from the middle of Suzuki book 1, allowing the students to play in the local youth orchestra and/or school orchestras.

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